The Unico System is designed to allow the homeowner to incorporate forced air HVAC into new or existing buildings without compromising space, design or comfort. The unique mini supply ducts can wave thru the building structure, saving time and money.

Below you will find links to product information and training that is designed to educate, and help you sell and promote the Unico Product.





Unico Product Catalog
Unico Product Catalog 

Unico University
Applications for the Unico System v.2 
Single Presentation Comprehensive 
Diversity Of Applications 
Unico Guide to Replacing Older High Velocity Systems 

Super-Sized Case Studies
Super Sized – Hemingway House Case Study (Single Pages) (6.9 MB pdf)
Super Sized – Industry 80 Salon Case Study (Single Pages) (2.5 MB pdf)
Super Sized – Cottage Case Study (Single Pages) (9.6 MB pdf)
Super Sized – Carriage House Case Study (Single Pages) (4.1 MB pdf)
Super Sized – Beach House Case Study (Single Pages) (604 KB pdf)

Unico System Installation Video

This is a 19 part playlist that explains each step of installing the Unico System, from pre-planning the project all the way to commissioning.

Click here to watch.