Conditions of Sale:

Capitol Supplies serves the professional HVAC trade.  Most of our products require that a trained and experienced HVAC technician install them.  We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone who does not meet this criteria.

We require you to have an EPA section 603 certification on file with our office to purchase HVAC equipment, or refrigerant.

The customer assumes all responsibility and liability for the proper selection, sizing, installation, and service of items purchased.  Capitol Supplies may at times suggest a particular item, but it is ultimately the contractors responsibility to determine if the material is suitable for the application. 

There is no implied warranty beyond that of the manufacturers written warranty.

Special Orders

Capitol Supplies will process “Special Orders” under the following conditions:

  • Once order has been placed it is non-cancelable
  • Prepayment will be required for cash account customers
  • A deposit may be required (COD & Open Account Customers) in some circumstances

All returns, if approved by our office, must be made within 60 days of date of purchase.  No returns are allowed on special order items, or on orders of larger  than normal stock quantities.

You must contact our office in advance to receive a “Return Authorization” form.   This form and your original receipt are required for all returns. DO NOT RETURN MATERIAL WITHOUT CONTACTING OUR OFFICE IN ADVANCE.  Any material left in our warehouse, or given to our drivers without prior approval  may be subject to disposal.

  • No returns on damaged, used, or installed materials.
  • No returns on equipment. (furnaces, air conditioners, coils )
  • No returns on electrical or motor bearing units, including but not limited to:
    Motors , Thermostats, Contactors, Gas Valves, Etc,
  • No returns on Ductwork or Pipe that has been put together.
  • No returns on custom fabricated ductwork
  • No returns on special order materials or equipment
  • No returns on refrigerant

All returns, if approved, are subject to a 20% restocking charge.  Products must  be in their original packaging for refund to be given.  If packaging is missing or  damaged, management reserves the right to refuse the return or increase the  restock amount..

Scratch and dent items are sold  “as is”.  As a courtesy, we will provide you with  a 2 day return period.  After 2 days from date of purchase, no returns are allowed.

Only material purchased from Capitol Supplies may be returned for credit.


All damage claims for material purchased from Capitol Supplies must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise.  Failure to report damage  within this time frame will result in forfeiture of return/exchange privileges. 

Customers should inspect their material for damage before taking material from  our shop or drivers.


All prices are subject to change without notice. Capitol Supplies generally allows for a 30 day notice of price increases.  In the case of commodity items, this may not be possible.  Please call our office for current prices.  The prices in this CATALOG are LIST PRICES. In general, HVAC TRADE CUSTOMERS receive a 50% discount from these list prices.  This is for reference only!  Please call our office for your actual price

Payment Terms – COD

COD account terms require payment at time of pick up / delivery. You may request this account status, or your account may be limited to COD status due to circumstances.

All COD accounts must have signed COD account application on file with our office.

COD accounts may pay with Cash or Credit Card.  Checks will be accepted only if a Capitol Supplies Check Acceptance Agreement has been filled out.  Any customer who “bounces” more than 1 check will have check writing privileges revoked.

COD accounts do not qualify for a cash discount.

Payment Terms – Open Account

Credit is gladly extended to all those of known and acceptable financial standing.  Open accounts are essentially an interest free loan that we provide to our customers on a short term basis.  This is provided as a convenience to you, and must be treated accordingly.  Open account status will be suspended if your account is not kept current.

Credit Terms for customers who qualify for open account are 10th Prox.  This means that all invoices are due for payment the 10th of the following month.  For example, if you purchase something on March 3rd, it is due for payment on April 10th.  Invoices will be considered PAST DUE if they are not paid in full by the end of the month following purchase.  PAST DUE invoices will result in your account being placed on HOLD until these invoices are paid. 

All customers requesting an open account must fill out a Capitol Supplies Credit Application.  It must be filled out completely and signed (in both places).  Please read the credit application carefully.  By signing it, you agree to the terms laid forth, and will be responsible for all outstanding balances and any and all collection costs.